2019-20 Neighborhood Bible Study

VillageChurch Crescent Lake “VGroup”

Join us as we lead a neighborhood small group Bible study on behalf of VillageChurch in Blythewood, SC. We’ll have a great time hanging out together and studying God’s Word. Childcare is provided. This coed group will meet in LongCreek Plantation on alternating Sundays at 6:30PM!

2018 Events

Anchor 217 is a lay teaching ministry designed to support the local church, in part, by offering memorable events to create meaningful relationships and reinforce Biblical teaching. For 2018, we are excited to offer more opportunities to do exactly that. Make your Easter 2018 weekend one to remember by joining us for Elevate Your Faith on Good Friday, March 30th. Then, especially designed for men and “future men”, join us on Father’s Day Saturday, June 16th, for Revolutionary Leadership. Customized trips are also available year-round for your group of any size. These trips will be followed by both Summer and Fall coed Bible studies in our home.  Contact us today for more information!

Anchor 217 Ministries

eric-pics-143I grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot more than anything else on the planet. I spent most of my youth chasing that dream only for it to be shot down by ridiculously-bad eyesight and not being smart enough to at least earn a ride as a backseater.

Then there was that ever-present small voice that kept whispering, “Ministry!” Not exactly what I had in mind. But God is so awesome. Read about what He’s done in my life and how He’s blessed us with an idea to maybe finish out “the final third” with a dream that really matters.



Not in the Brochure! 7 Lessons From a Man on the Run

Not in the Brochure

Sooner or later, nearly every Christian will experience something in their life that I describe as “not in the brochure.” This is a devastating turn of events that absolutely rocks your world and might even shake the very foundation of your soul. But what we call devastating, God often calls development. Rather than stick our heads in the sand and just hope it never happens, I believe it’s important for Christians to be prepared for setbacks so that they might have some spiritual “arrows in their quiver” they can turn to if and when the chips go down for them. Click here to read 7 lessons learned from the life of David as he was going through his own “not-in-the brochure” moments.

Revolutionary Leadership

Rev Leadership Group Cropped Cowpens June 2016

We believe Christian men have the responsibility to lead in the home, in the church, and in the community. That’s why we’ve put together a one-day leadership retreat specifically designed for men and “future men” that teaches Biblical leadership principles, set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. More Revolutionary War battles were fought in South Carolina than in all the other colonies combined. We have therefore taken advantage of these battlefields’ proximity to visit them for their historical significance, while drawing out five important leadership lessons along the way. For more info on these trips, please click here!

Commencement Speech

Class of 2015Graduating Seniors: We are all here today to honor you and help celebrate a significant milestone in your life. And while you know this life is not all about you, today at least is. So, I have a three-fold charge for you and it is this: 1) Think Eternally; 2) Prepare for tomorrow; and 3) Enjoy the moment.

Seniors, you are here for such a time as this. You are not here randomly. You are here on purpose. And you are definitely not replaceable. Take this time to develop an Eternal vision for the days ahead and never underestimate your potential and the remarkable influence of one Godly person moving forward in life under Providential guidance. Read the rest of my charge to graduating seniors by clicking here!

It’s About TYME

PAC LogoThe following were remarks during my son’s final baseball season-opening father/son dinner.

Gentlemen, tonight is primarily about you. You are now members of the Panther Baseball Family. Welcome. I know you’ve all played baseball before but you’ve never played the game of baseball like you will as a PAC Panther.

You see, as a Christian organization, we don’t do business the way the world does business so we don’t play the game of baseball the way the world does. It won’t be done like it was in rec league. It won’t be done like the majors or college. We don’t even do it the way other high schools do it and you will find that out pretty quick – and you will be a big part of that difference beginning tonight. Click here to read further.


Christian Leadership Principles for Young Men

Christian-Leadership-Principles Book CoverI recently had the privilege of writing a devotional series for my son’s baseball team.  The Lord has really placed on my heart the need to help train up the next generation of Christian men to lead in the home, in the church, and in the community. Topics include having an eternal vision, holiness, leader landmines, keeping your word, doing right, and many others. Order your paperback copy of Christian Leadership Principles for Young Men by clicking here! It is also available as an ebook at either Amazon or Smashwords. Check it out and let me know what you think!