It’s About TYME

PAC LogoThe following were remarks during my son’s final baseball season-opening father/son dinner.

Gentlemen, tonight is primarily about you. You are now members of the Panther Baseball Family. Welcome. I know you’ve all played baseball before but you’ve never played the game of baseball like you will as a PAC Panther.

You see, as a Christian organization, we don’t do business the way the world does business so we don’t play the game of baseball the way the world does. It won’t be done like it was in rec league. It won’t be done like the majors or college. We don’t even do it the way other high schools do it and you will find that out pretty quick – and you will be a big part of that difference beginning tonight. Click here to read further.


Christian Leadership Principles for Young Men

Christian-Leadership-Principles Book CoverI recently had the privilege of writing a devotional series for my son’s baseball team.  The Lord has really placed on my heart the need to help train up the next generation of Christian men to lead in the home, in the church, and in the community. Topics include having an eternal vision, holiness, leader landmines, keeping your word, doing right, and many others. Order your paperback copy of Christian Leadership Principles for Young Men by clicking here! It is also available as an ebook at either Amazon or Smashwords. Check it out and let me know what you think!