Do you know what the 11th verse of the 11th chapter of the 11th book of the Bible says? I’ll let you figure out where it is but the passage deals with the consequences of one man who didn’t keep the Lord number ONE in his life. In fact, Old Testament history (Ezra, Nehemiah, Malachi) closes with the confession by the Lord’s people of their unfaithfulness to Him through marrying foreign women – beginning with Solomon – which led them to follow other gods.

They had effectively moved the Lord from the number ONE spot in their lives which is tantamount to rejection. It’s interesting to me that once they dealt with their “adultery,” there is no more Biblical history for us to learn from. We have the 400 years of silence between the Testaments and then the “hinge of history” with the Messiah being born.

A CNN article stated that today is a “ones in a lifetime” day. For men, I believe we have a unique responsibility to make sure the Lord is indeed number ONE in our homes. It starts with us – not our wife, not our kids and not our talented church ministers.

What priorities are you demonstrating to those around you as important? What does your use of your capabilities, calendar and checkbook reveal? Who or what really is number ONE in your life? Remember today Who deserves to be number ONE and let’s recommit to keeping Him there.

Click here to learn how ONE man acts when God is number ONE in his life.

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