The Wife of My Youth

150 pounds, a full head of hair, and all the answers in the world. At least I actually had two out of those three that Saturday in April, 1990. I also had a heart beating out of its chest as the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen came walking down the aisle on her Dad’s arm, beaming her radiant smile in my direction. Almost 22 years later, I’ve lost the 150-pound mark and the hair and now realize I will of course never have all the answers. But the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen still beams her radiant smile as she helps her now elderly father up from our supper table at night. Amazing.

Today men are bombarded with worldly advice and guidance on how to love their wives. Much of this “expert” advice is confusing at best. Malachi pulls no punches when he talks about how we are to love and remain faithful to the wife of our youth. Peter tells us to treat our wife with respect. And Paul gives a vivid description of “true love” in 1 Corinthians 13. All imply the way men treat their wives can have a direct effect on how the Lord responds to men. Whether you are already married or not yet married, make up your mind today that the Word will be The authority on how you love and treat your wife.

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