the-power-of-one-man-coverThe Power of ONE Man
. What can one man possibly do to positively impact a complex, ever-changing world for eternity? Quite a bit, actually. But it won’t happen accidentally and it won’t happen without proper focus. This series is designed to help men and “future men” figure out how to be eternally-driven and intentional as they mature into their own unique role of impacting others within their “circle of influence” for the cause of Christ.

Timothy was a young man. Some say too young. Too young and too inexperienced to make a difference. Yet he was left alone in a huge city and charged with a huge mission: Instruct those around him – both by words and by ways – on how to lead a Godly life so that they too might go on to influence those around them for the Kingdom of God. That’s what the Great Commission is supposed to look like. Jesus told us to go and make disciples, not just converts. And disciples ultimately go on to become disciple-makers.

The Apostle Paul wrote two amazing letters to young Timothy to help mentor him along the way toward achieving his mission in the city of Ephesus. That was to be Timothy’s initial circle of influence. Paul had to move on since his particular circle of influence was much larger.

But who he left behind was of profound importance, as well as the instructions he provided. The two letters Paul wrote to Timothy serve as excellent guidance today for men who need to – no, must – make up their mind that they too will make an eternal difference in their circle of influence, whether that circle is one mile, one town or around the world. So 1&2 Timothy frame the background for this book, The Power of ONE Man: Making An Eternal Difference, now available at!